Fresh Pork Hock


Fresh Pork Hock

The collection of family-operate farms ensures a year-round supply of organic pigs that are raise without hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts. They are always humanely treated, which means they are never kept in farrowing or gestation crates, and have access to outdoor pasture and clean straw winter bedding and shelter. The unique Duroc/Landrace/Berkshire crossbreed ensures consistent, well-marbled and juicy—yet not overly fatty—pork. The best, cleanest tasting pork comes from well-cared-for pigs raised in their natural environment on high quality, all-vegetable, organic grain-fed diets. Buy fresh pork hock online, fresh pork hock for sale, buy pork in bulk China, where to buy pork in Europe, buy cheap pork in Germany

Buy fresh pork hock online

Raised Without Antibiotics

Buy fresh pork hock online, shanks or hocks are used interchangable for the area below the ham on the hind leg or the picnic ham on the front leg of the hog.  Our Pork shanks are from the hind leg.  Shanks can be braised, boiled, slow cooked, or however your recipe may suggest! We also sell German Shanks which are from the front leg. See “German Shanks”. fresh pork hock for sale

Comes from:

Buy fresh pork hock, the hock aka pork knuckle is the bottom of the leg bone – not ham, not ankle, not foot. We sell our fresh ham hocks whole or cross-cut and skin on. You want another size? Place a special order. Buy pork in bulk China

Best cooking method:

Use a ham hock in soup, a pot of beans, or greens. Make a terrine or try cooking schweinshaxe, a Bavarian beer hall staple. Which involves boiling it for a few hours (in water or beer), then baking. Here’s a blog post on cooking ham hocks from our website. Where to buy pork in Europe, buy cheap pork in Germany



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